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Lopez Spanish Child Custody Attorney

Throughout the years, I have practiced in Los Angeles, San Diego, and Riverside counties, primarily in the area of Family Law. As a former Attorney for Legal Aid, I met victims of domestic violence. However, I also learned some people make false domestic violence allegations just to gain custody. The problem is that the restrained party is then presumed to be an unfit parent, making it difficult for them to regain custody. The restrained party may even become bittered and try to get even by becoming entangled in prolonged litigation. Both parents end up suffering and so do their children. This creates immeasurable emotional damage to everyone involved, making it difficult to rebuild trust.

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Why Choose Dolores Lopez, ESQ. as your child custody attorney

The second problem in many child custody cases are the people that seek to use the legal system as a tool to punish their former partners for the failure of the relationship. They use the system for silly matters and end up spending substantial money to do so. This is money that would be better used for savings, investments, or their children. The only people who end up truly winning in such situations are the attorneys who represent them.

The third problem that often occurs is that the client’s emotions can become clouded so they trust their attorney who convinces them that litigation is the answer where mediation would have resolved the issue. Often, it is better to mediate than litigate. The latter should only be used when it is necessary—where mediation has failed. You should let a well-experienced attorney do the mediation on your behalf. Contact Us today to explore your Orange County legal options.

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Child Custody Attorneys in Orange County

One of the most intense family disputes is that of Child Custody. Not only are there various emotions at play, but also aggressive legal representations that may end in bitter disputes and disagreements. However, throughout a child custody proceeding, it's pivotal to remember the child's well-being and keep their interests on the highest pedestal.

It's also quite likely that the outcome of the case could severely impact your life for several years, which is why you need expert legal representation when it comes to child custody matters. With an experienced family law attorney like Dolores Lopez, you can rest assured of having your, and your child's best interests represented in court and at the negotiating table professionally.

Dolores Lopez and her team of experienced child custody attorneys in Orange County are well-versed with custodianship laws in California and how courts award them. Dolores and her family dispute lawyers can take away all the stress that comes with family dispute litigations with expert, caring, and proven legal representation for you at the court of law or the negotiating table.

About Dolores Lopez Child Custody Attorney

In all my years of practice as a child custody and family law attorney, I've served in Los Angeles, San Diego, and Riverside Counties in the State of California. During this time, I've also served as an attorney for legal aid, which has helped to refine my understanding of family disputes and the legal provisions of California.

Working for the legal aid clinic, I've been part of numerous domestic abuse cases, which has played an enormous role in my development as a family lawyer. I've witnessed numerous false accusations of domestic abuse in order to win child custody. This practice only affects the child's mental state, as it may well end up in a bitter and prolonged courtroom battle.

As a child custody attorney in Orange County, my prerogative is to serve my clients by keeping the child's best interests as a primary focus. My talented team of attorneys also ensures that your interests are best served so that all the interested parties can move on with their lives amicably.

Overview of California's Child Custody Law

When it comes to custody matters in California, the honorable judge has the final say regarding parental rights and visitations. Mostly, the judge would approve the terms of custody if both parties come to an agreement amicably. If not, both parties will present their case to the court, which the presiding judge will then decide. However, the final court decision mainly arrives after both the parties undergo a session with a mediator from Family Court Services.

There are two types of child custody recognized by California courts. They're:

  • Physical Custody

Physical custody refers to the place of residence of the child or which parent the child gets to live with. This kind of custodianship can be either sole physical custody or joint physical custody.

Sole physical custodianship means that the child would live with one parent most of the time, with occasional visitations with the other parent, such as during festivals or holidays.

Joint physical custody refers to the equal physical possession of the child by both parents. The child can spend time with both of their parents (though it could mean spending time with one parent a little more than the other), which courts also favor due to the positive impact it has on the child's upbringing.

  • Legal Custody

Legal Custody is more complex than physical custody, as it determines which parent would have the larger say on the critical decisions of the child's upbringing, such as education and healthcare. Legal custody can also be further divided into joint and sole legal custody.

Under joint legal custody, each parent has the right and responsibility to decide about the upbringing and future decisions of the child. Whether it's education, healthcare, or the welfare of the child, both parents have an equal say.

Meanwhile, sole legal custody gives one parent the exclusive right and responsibility to make decisions on their child's future. The parent with sole legal custody can decide on matters such as education, travel, healthcare, sports, residence, (etc.) of the child.

It's important to note here that joint legal custody doesn't mean that both parents must arrive at the same answer for every decision. However, in order to avoid legal disputes, it's advisable to consult and inform the other parent about the crucial decisions of the child's present and future. There may also be instances when the judge would grant joint legal custody but not joint physical custody. Under such an order, both parents would get an equal say on the important decisions of their child, but the child will live with only one parent the majority of the time. The other parent would be allowed visitations with their child.

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How can our Child Custody Attorneys in Orange County Help You?

As the leading group of child custody attorneys in Orange County, we've always understood that the harmony within families is worth preserving, not just for the parents but also for their children. When you hire Dolores Lopez and her experienced team of attorneys, you get legal expertise with an in-depth knowledge of California family laws and a comprehensive experience of successful representations in court and negotiations. We specialize in all areas of family law and can offer our legal assistance in matters of divorce, child custody, spousal support, asset division, etc.

  • Over 50 years of combined experience
  • One-on-one Consultations
  • Dedicated Legal Team
  • Negotiations Experts
  • Team of diversely talented attorneys

Hire the Best Child Custody Attorneys in Orange County

When engaged in an emotionally draining family dispute, you'd want seasoned litigators with an in-depth understanding of the law to represent your interests in the courtroom. Our firm is led by Dolores Lopez, an affectionate yet aggressive attorney with an intricate knowledge of the law and a robust experience with California legislation.

In our initial consultations, we strive to understand our clients' situation first-hand, subsequent to which we craft a unique strategy that can improve your case in the courtroom and give you an upper hand at the negotiating table.

Discuss your case with one of our attorneys in complete confidentiality, and we'll do a free case evaluation with our best legal prudence. Call us at 07147337065 or send a mail at info@lopezscca.com for expert legal assistance.

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